Band of the day: Gentle Mystics

I’ve been wanting to write about these three-turned-nine piece musical wizards for a while now. If their sensational debut album had come out this year, I’d have reviewed it and heaped near-infinite praise on it and its splendiferous grandeur. It’s obscure and unusual, a frolic in a moonlit forest like some Gothic retelling of Where The Wild Things Are befitting Tim Burton’s dreams Not just the album but the band itself, Gentle Mystics are something wondrously different. Their label’s lucky to have them; festival stages are lit up by their presence. Their sound is such an indefinable blend of genres merging into one indescribable feat of musical wizardry that it’s difficult to describe them to you short of just saying ‘Stop reading and go listen.’ There are trumpets and a banjo in their arrangement. They have a very tall man who raps. Their leading lady plays the keys and seems to fall into some trance-like state when they start playing. They have a song about videogames complete with chiptune. They’re a extravagant bunch, a strange group of enchanting musicians that ‘want to make you bounce’ and sometimes find something truly special within their chaotic escapades.

Hackney Globe Trotter (Ep75)

It might be cold and dull in London town today but we are having some ice cream cumbia to top a great selection from Iranian folk funk to gypsy drum and bass, dancehall pop, Q-Tip bossa mash -ups, wobble grime, classic lost Brazilian gems to tribal latino bangers to make for a truly sunshine global musical celebration. [view source here]


They describe it as a sound ‘like a cat being sick on a boat’. This weekend you’ll find me on the canal, recording some ill cats, because I can’t get enough of this stuff. The more jazzy Fatman Say (mp3) is available for free download and you should definitely check out their debut album, Gentle Mystics. Listen now, thank me later. [view source here]

New SIngle Review *Single Of The Day*

I like ambition in a track, especially when it’s a début single. Gentle Mystics somehow manage to make a journey in Spiralling Breeze from Tango to slow Ska, with a few other styles thrown in along the way. Definitely a different sound and at over 6 minutes long they’re not afraid to explore it, which I guess shows the benefit of being able to fully utilise a 9 piece band.

Given that they list as many genres as members on their facebook page when Gentle Mystics release they’re album later this year I suspect it may be a spotters guide to musical styles. If they interweave them as successfully as they have on Spiralling Breeze it should be fun. [view source here]


London 9-piece band Gentle Mystics release their debut single ‘Spiralling Breeze/Mushroom 30,000′ on Emerging Species in June 2011. The single comes from their self-titled album, ‘Gentle Mystics’ forthcoming autumn 2011.

Gentle Mystics take to aligning folk, hip-hop, dub, electro, Balkan, drum and bass, jazz, Swiss alpine and waltz in chaotic formation.

They were born in the early hours of 2007 by Noemie Ducimetiere, Elian and Cosmo, who within 3 months magnetised 6 more members – Vladimir, Vahakn, Bitelli, Orlando, Merlin and Rob to complete the circle and start a revolution.

Partly recorded in SARM Studios but primarily recorded in their own home-built studios, the band’s wish to maintain artistic control over their music and art along with a fair record deal led them into the arms of Emerging Species for their first release.

2011 brings much for Gentle Mystics. They have already been offered an exclusive sync deal for a feature film soundtrack and after a series of sold out club dates and massive festival shows the band has built a growing underground following.

This year they will be performing selected dates in the UK and pockets of the globe.
Gentle Mystics ‘Spiralling Breeze/Mushroom 30,000′ (Emerging Species )
out 06.06.11
[view source here]


London 9-piece band Gentle Mystics release their debut single ‘Spiralling Breeze / Mushroom 30,000′. The single comes from their self-titled album Gentle Mystics which will be released this autumn (2011).

Gentle Mystics are an interesting band, and these two singles show how diverse their musical tastes are.

‘Spiralling Breeze’ is an interesting release, Noemie Ducimetiere’s vocals are haunting and the cliched French cafe feel to the opening of the track is an amusing touch.

‘Mushroom 30,000′ has a segment that seems to be inspired (or has ripped of) an Internet viral song that was doing the rounds about five years ago – the lyrics to which went: “Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroom, Mushroom.” This too is an amusing track that throws in computer game sound effects.

Both tracks are interesting and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this group in the future. [view source here]


Interview #688: Gentle Mystics

With the release of their debut single Spiralling Breeze / Mushroom 30,000 on Emerging Species, London nine piece Gentle Mystics are now set for a summer of festival appearances before the release of their album in autumn. Folk/Hip-Hop/Dub/Balkan/Jazz just about covers the output of the multi-instrumentalists, although to be honest, we recommend donning an open mind and listening for yourself. We did our best to glean more information from the band with a bunch of questions sent across via email, although as it transpired, this probably wasn’t the best way to find out more…

“I Like Music because… of R Kelly.” Gentle Mystics

ILM: For all those yet to hear Gentle Mystics, how would you describe your sound?

Gentle Mystics: Turbo-Folk with a bass face riding on the back of a Lama on absinth.

ILM: When and why did you make the transition from a three piece to a nine piece?

Gentle Mystics: Not enough cocks. We wanted it to be a proper sausage party.

ILM: Can you tell us a little about who is who and who does what in the band?

Gentle Mystics: Alex – electronic guitar – has a passion for rare teas. Noemie – percussion – credited in many circles as the pioneer of Aqua Crunk. Harky – flute – filth merchant. Cosmo – disk-jockey – enjoys the company of mountain goats. Merlin – Stylaphone – sells pears. Rob, Orlando and Josh – heart strings – all three members are working on a collaborative novel based on the life and times of Rosie and Jim. Elian – plays the ‘cosmic key’ seen in the 1987 awarding winning film ‘Masters Of The Universe’ – close personal friend of Dolph Lundgren. We’re on a whole next level.

ILM: How would you describe your process of making music and putting together a track?

Gentle Mystics: A bit like UFC but with sacrificial virgins.

ILM: Who / what are your biggest inspirations?

Gentle Mystics: Dick Cheney.

ILM: We understand there are a lot of instruments featured on the album – can you tell us a little more?

Gentle Mystics: in•stru•ment – a contrivance or apparatus for producing musical sounds: a stringed instrument.

a lot – Very many, a large number; also, very much. For example, A lot of people think the economy is declining , or Sad movies always made her cry a lot . It is sometimes put as a whole lot for greater emphasis, as in I learned a whole lot in his class. It may also emphasize a comparative indication of amount, as in We need a whole lot more pizza to feed everyone , or Mary had a lot less nerve than I expected . [Colloquial; early 1800s]

ILM: What can we expect from the album? Are you pleased with it?

Gentle Mystics: An ear bashing, nah, just joking, it’s cack.

ILM: What can we expect if we come to see Gentle Mystics live?

Gentle Mystics: Interpretive dance meets Teletubies.

ILM: What do you look forward to the most about playing live?

Gentle Mystics: Girls. Kebabs. Sniff.

ILM: Out of all the shows you’ve played, which have been some of the most memorable?

Gentle Mystics: Probably Wembley, maybe Woodstock… It’s a toss up.

ILM: What music have you been listening to recently?

Gentle Mystics: GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, Necro, Rebecca Black etc.

ILM: What has been your most recent musical discovery?

Gentle Mystics: Drums – completely mind blowing.

ILM: What are your future plans?

Gentle Mystics: Girls. Kebabs. Sniff.

ILM: Anything else we should know?

Gentle Mystics: There’s a giant lizard right behind you.

[view source here]

La Chaouée

Chant envoûtant, paroles incisives, claviers distordus, batterie électrisante et cuivres enjoués permettent à ces 9 londoniens de porter à ébullition un mélange de musique des balkans, dub, électro, jazz, blues, folk et hip hop.

Déja bouillant sur album, Gentle Mystics se transforme sur scène en un cirque frénétique et explosif. Ils se nourrissent de l’énergie du public et la lui renvoient sous forme de puissants éclairs et de décharges d’accordéon, de didgeridoo, de melodica, d’harmonica, ou de chant diphonique mongol.

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Shambala Festival 2010: Rated!

Tent of the festival was The Compass of Lunacy, which never fails to surprise and enthral. The most amazing performances come from singer/performance artist Noemie Ducimetiere (9/10) who delivers an inspired act of art noir, Cosmo Sheldrake (8/10) with his crowd captivating vocal show of singing and beat boxing and Elian Gray Defdfires (8/10) with his time stopping rhyming prose. Upon further investigation, these individual artists are all part of the same band The Gentle Mystics (10/10) who perform the closing set at the Chai Wallah stage on Saturday. The worry that these artists would not be more then the sum of the parts is quickly blown away with an outstanding performance. They are extremely well rehearsed and completely natural on stage, they took the crowd on a complete rollercoaster of musical fun which leaves everyone baying for more as it becomes the best performance of the whole festival.

[view source here]

L'Echonova Blogspot

Ils étaient 8 sur scène jeudi dernier pour ce nouvel apéro-sonore secret. Gentle Mystics a enflammé L’Echonova avec sa musique métissée et explosive. Arrivés directement de Londres dans un camion improbable après 17h de voyage, ils ont su trouver l’énergie pour nous offrir un concert d’une grande classe, marqué par une musique semblant provenir de l’autre côté de l’Europe.

Saxophone, accordéon, banjo, trombone, trompette, batterie, clavier et bien d’autres instruments se retrouvent sur scène. Ces anglais paraissent un peu fous et prêts à nous communiquer leur folie. Ils décrivent leur musique comme “une Turbo-Folk chevauchant un lama sous absinthe”, ce qui laisse imaginer le résultat sur scène à ceux qui n’ont pas pu se déplacer ce jour là. Ce qui est sûr c’est que les rythmiques balkaniques sont hyper dansantes, la musique est bouillonnante, quelques sonorités dub se cachent par-ci par-là, le chant de mademoiselle nous envoûte tandis qu’un MC apparait par moment pour poser une touche de hip-hop dans ce beau bazar musical.

Les 1ers rangs ont le sourire collé aux lèvres, tandis que l’on sent les corps se réchauffer petit à petit et se mettre en mouvement. Dommage qu’entre chaque morceau un brouhaha retentisse dans la salle, certainement très déstabilisant pour les artistes. En tout cas l’ambiance est là, chaleureuse et décontractée et la découverte vaut le détour.

Merci à Gentle Mystics pour leur énergie communicative et rendez-vous en décembre pour une nouvelle surprise (la meilleure du trimestre selon moi, mais je ne vous en dirais pas plus…)

Crédit photo : Charlie Merland

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“About as gentle as a baked Alaska in an over-heated other words – explosive!”
- Diana Mavroleon, Resonance FM

“A complete roller-coaster of musical fun which leaves everyone baying for more… the best performance of the whole festival (10/10)”

"Gentle Mystics are one of those glistening exceptions, who remind you that once the genre was fresh, vital, creative and exciting."

“Even the half-instrument, half-monster cartoon characters on the album cover cannot prepare you for the insanity, the beauty and the joyous sounds you are about to experience”

“This album seems way more about just having some fun and experimenting with sounds – and it seems to be working”

“I suspect it may be a spotters guide to musical styles”
- Newsinglesreview

They describe it as a sound ‘like a cat being sick on a boat’. This weekend you’ll find me on the canal, recording some ill cats, because I can’t get
enough of this stuff.

“What the fuck is this! It is the weirdest thing ever. But I can't turn it off. Or describe it” -
- Dan Lomas,

“Gentle Mystics are something wondrously different; festival stages are lit up by their presence. Their sound is such an indefinable blend of genres merging into one indescribable feat of musical wizardry that it’s difficult to describe them to you short of just saying ‘Stop reading and go listen”