Hello, it's been a while since our last update so here's a speedy abbreviation of 2013's shenanigans so far...   The year got off to a civilised start, with a countryside retreat to compose new songs and make booze, both objectives were met successfully; other highlights included the usual cocktail of roadside breakdowns, waterfall bathing, skull boiling and pancakes. We then moved swiftly south for an appointment with a stately home; we drank it and got it on film. We celebrated the release of The Re-Rite Of Spring, our rework of the Stravinsky epic, as well as new solo material from Noémie, Cosmo Sheldrake and Harky. We obtained a new bus, pimped it out in the rain and went to France to play music and drink booze, both objectives were met successfully. Other highlights included almost no roadside breakdowns, waterfall bathing, monkey trolls, further foot breakage, €150 sandwiches and, of course, some crazy gigs. ...and cheese. This was all standardly caked with a cement of great UK shows and festivals, we had an excellent summer so big love and thanks to everyone we worked and partied with. In more current news we have a new video coming out soon and are back in the studio beginning work on new material, more news on both of these soon. Elian